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Butter and Crumbs

Why is a crumb topping on a pie called "Dutch'? As in Dutch Apple Pie.... It merely means a crumb topping. How it got that name; seems a bit foggy with the details I could find online.

I keep this little tidbit stuck in the back of my recipe book. I don't use it exclusively on apple pies either. It works great for any flavor of pie, or a coffee cake that needs a crunchy topping. This particular pie is a triple berry.

I add a little cinnamon sometimes while I'm working up the crumbs. (The photo above is when it's just starting to bake.)

This is not the time to try and substitute margarine... Margaret. You need the butter for flavor and as it melts the crumbs together, it soaks down into the pie to help create heavenly filling.

Try this Pie Dutch on your next pie; save that extra bottom crust to make another pie tomorrow!

Why am I pie happy lately? I've got a pile of beautiful fresh strawberries and nowhere to go with them.,.,,, So I keep pulling out my happy recipes for strawberry season! Yes... I know I could can them and make all the things. I would like to, but they are going to end up in the freezer first just due to time constraints. Today I'm hungry and the weather is crap and I thought today would be the day for one of my "famous" Ugly Triple Berry Pies.

What are you making with strawberries right now?

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