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One of the advantages of being sick is the ability to completely forget what groceries you've purchased at any given time. This means the bananas you bought and didn't feel good enough to eat right away, get super ripe and end up in the freezer. Yes, the top drawer of my freezer is now the banana drawer.

Easy Tip: Bananas can be frozen whole in their peels and won't freezer burn. No need to smash them up and put them in containers. (Bananas can also be canned to free up freezer space, but that's another post.)

Sometimes you just have to have dessert, no matter how crappy you feel. Banana bread doesn't require much effort to put together and you don't even need to drag out the mixer for it. Just smoosh it all together, pour it in a pan and bake it!

My "old" banana bread recipe used an entire cup of canola oil as the fat. Seed oils have been cited as a serious source of inflammation for the body. While I'm probably not going to be able to entirely remove seed oils from our diet; if I can reduce their usage on my end, especially this easily, I'm all for it.

I went hunting for this new-to-me recipe as I wanted one that used butter. I was a bit skeptical about the sour cream as I felt the loaf would be too dense, but it isn't. It's a sturdy loaf, not a super-dense one. I reduced the amount of sugar and added more bananas. Then I added cinnamon because banana bread just plain needs cinnamon.

The pecans listed on this recipes are pecan halves that are not chopped up. Handsome and I like them this way, you can do what you want to your pecans or leave them out if you wish.

Anyway, if you're needing a new banana bread recipe, this is a good one and it's my go-to now.

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