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A Frenchy Russian Dinner

Even though Beef Stroganoff sounds like it's a Russian recipe; it really isn't. It's French!

"Beef Stroganoff, dish of French origin by way of tsarist Russia that combines thinly sliced and lightly stewed beef and onions with sour cream and other ingredients. Beef Stroganoff is, in essence, the classic French fricassée de boeuf with the addition of equally classic Russian ingredients: onions and sour cream." Thank you, Encyclopedia Britannica!

In Pete & Repeat, I promised a post about Beef Stroganoff. My version isn't as fancy as what's described above, but it is a satisfying weeknight meal that is perfect for this dreary weather we are having. I also wanted to try making a batch with my home canned items; which I hadn't done before. I had it in my head that I had to have made a roast before I could make stroganoff...

Not anymore! A quart of beef or deer cubes and a pint of beef broth made the base of the dish. Then add in that staple cream of mushroom soup and some sour cream and mustard to finish the sauce. Make sure to use the mustard, it isn't the same without it and I'm not a mustard lover. Boil ya up some nice egg noodles, whatever kind is your favorite; I picked up a pound from the Mennonite store to use. (Plain pasta works in this dish but the flavor isn't there like it is with the egg noodles.)

Since this was a double batch, I served it with a side salad one night and some canned peas a second night. (Mashed potatoes would be great with it too; like pictured above.) I then ate lunch twice before it was all gone. This reheats really well and if the sauce gets too thick, it's easy to add just a bit of milk to thin it back down. I imagine it would withstand freezing as well.

Try this with some of your home-canned products or leftover roast. It was definitely a tummy pleaser here!

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