Tiny Kitchen Decorating Tips

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

While it might be more challenging to decorate a small kitchen, there are certain ways to transform even the tiniest space into an appealing and comfortable room. Creating a cozy space that does not seem crowded is all about illusion. Colors, storage, appliances, furniture and lighting should be selected with care to make the most of the space available.


Decorating a small kitchen that is both attractive and a pleasure to use when preparing meals or entertaining must be planned. Adequate storage space will ensure that the kitchen is both usable and uncluttered. For homeowners who are lucky enough to start designing a kitchen from scratch, it will be easier to set up the perfect small kitchen. To maximize storage areas, install taller and deeper cabinetry to gain extra space. Incorporating an island in the center of the kitchen also provides extra storage space and can be used for food preparation, or as a surface for eating.

Smaller appliances can be purchased to free up kitchen space too. For a family that eats out regularly or grocery shops more often, a smaller refrigerator may work out just fine. With many couples that eat out a lot due to different schedules, the refrigerator is often used mainly for beverages.

Selecting a table suitable for a tiny kitchen should be given great thought. Consider a small round table or a drop leaf table that fits easily into the space. When the table isn't being used, chairs can be pushed up against the wall or under the table to free up needed floor space.

Design Options

Color choices are particularly important for creating a spacious feel to a kitchen. Bright colors are the best choice. Bright paint or wallpaper will open up the space visually.

In addition to color considerations, creating a light and airy room can be accomplished by adding a large and decorative window. Granted, it is not always feasible to add a window into a kitchen structurally, light can be captured in the room in other ways. Choosing light fabrics or airy colors for window treatments allows sunshine to filter into the kitchen.

Light flooring and cabinetry is a safe bet for contributing to a larger feeling space. Installing lighting under the cabinets is another technique for creating the illusion of a larger space. For dark flooring, some people opt for painting it a lighter color.

Another technique for opening up a room is to take doors off hinges between rooms. By doing this, the eye will automatically flow into the next room. This gives the kitchen a much bigger feel, extending it to the adjoining room visually.

Hanging a mirror is a time-tested decorator's trick for creating the illusion of more space. A mirror adds depth to a small space. The challenge becomes finding a wall for the mirror in kitchen spaces dense with cabinetry.

There is no reason to fret about a small kitchen as long as you are willing to make needed adjustments. Smaller kitchens can be just as nice as large ones with the right lighting and decor. Homeowners are forced to adjust to a variety of living spaces during different stages of life, but that does not mean that a small kitchen is not as visually appealing and cozy as a larger one.

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