Men Know the Barbeque

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picture it, Sacramento. The year? 2002. A man and a woman get introduced by a mutual friend who knew they were both from Nebraska. There's an instant spark and they move in together in a tiny apartment just a few months after dating. They live in said apartment for entirely too long. In 2011 they achieve a dream of owning a house....and then her parents bought them a grill as a housewarming present.


Here's my husband and dad with the awesome grill:


I have never seen my husband grill anything up until my parents gifted us with the grill. All I can say is that men have an innate ability to grill meat.

Tonight, my hubby grilled boneless-skinless chicken breasts.

We used a rub that I purchased at our local Farmer's Market - Coffee Barbeque. Who knew coffee was so good as a rub?

Coffee BBQ Tin

Coffee BBQ

Coffee BBQ Ingredients

I can only hope that "Two Spicy Ladies" grows beyond selling at Farmer's Markets and makes the big time. They deserve it. You can visit them here to see what markets they're at.

Mmmmm - BBQ chicken...we put the BBQ sauce on a few minutes before pulling it off the grill to give it a nice glaze:



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