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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tonight, the hubby and I met our Realtor for the first time (in person) and looked at our first house.  It was a no-go, but we weren't too disappointed as it would take a miracle to pick the first house you find, right?  Afterwards, we decided to to a little hole in the wall restaurant we've been to a few times called Maali Thai. We always loved the service there and we liked that you got two menus.  One for Chinese food and one for Thai.

Except this time, we noticed something different as soon as we got out of our car.  Our little hole in the wall had windows in the front (something seriously lacking before).  When we stepped through the door we noticed that everything had changed - all new decor.  And the changes were definitely for the better.  The gal at the front counter asked us if we would like to eat in or take out, and we opted to eat in.  We asked her when they did the remodel and she told us "last week."

Sitting at a comfy booth, we were given just one menu, not the two we previously received.  It was then that I realized we weren't eating at Maali Thai anymore.  The front of the menu said, "Phaya Thai" and then it dawned on me that there was a sign stating, "Grand Opening" just outside.

The menu was pleasing to look at - everything was laid out well, the descriptions were good and they even had some pictures to go with a few of the menu items.  There was definitely more Thai food than Chinese, and so I ordered for my hubby (who isn't really familiar with Thai past "Pad Thai).  For him I ordered the Fresh Ginger Stir Fry with Prawns and for me, I got the Tamarind Shrimp.  As soon as I said that, our server lit up and said, "Oh, that's very good!"  (Always a good sign in my opinion.)

Maali Thai had a liquor license, so we were able to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with our meal, but Phaya hasn't gotten theirs approved yet.  That should be coming soon.

Onto the meal.  So very good!  The plating was absolutely beautiful.  Hubby's stir fry was cooked very well and the sauce was right up his alley.

Fresh Ginger Stir Fry

The Tamarind Shrimp?  STUNNING.  The sauce was incredibly delicious and I'm looking forward to trying it out on my own.

Tamarind Shrimp

Tamarind Shrimp Garnish

Here's what "sealed the deal" for my husband.  Several times, the cook (who I nicked named Grandma) came out and made very sure we liked everything.  She told us if we ever wanted anything "more spicy or less spicy" to just let her know.  She came out another time, again to make sure we loved it, and explained that she was 100% Thai and this was real Thai cooking.  She was so sweet!

Then she told us about the Sticky Rice with Mango - and convinced us to have it for dessert.  How could we say no to her?

Mango & Sticky Rice

Let's just say we weren't overly full before the dessert, but it definitely sent us over the edge. No worries, though. It was amazing. The mango was one of the sweetest I ever tasted. I kind of thought my hubby would be hesitant about the dessert, but he ate most of it!

During dessert, the cook came out again and gave us flower pens with the restaurant's card attached (I'm guessing she made them herself) as a gift. Super cute!


Finally, as we were leaving, she came out AGAIN to make sure we liked everything. We shook hands with her and told her we'd definitely be back. I can't wait to go again!


Michelle Suzanne said...

the first time i had sticky rice with mango i almost died it was so heavenly!

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