I Must Be (Red Snapper) Crazy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I really HAD to go grocery shopping tonight.

i REALLY didn't want to.

My oven is on the fritz, so I had to keep meals in mind that required no baking/roasting/etc.

Passing by the butcher counter, I noticed Red Snapper Fillets on sale for $6.00/pound. Sold!!

Once I got home, I thought, "Oh my God. I've never made Red Snapper. What the heck do I do?"  (Actually, I spewed a few colorful adjectives...)

Honestly, I don't even know that I've ever had Red Snapper. (Cue my mom yelling at me that she made it all the time and I SHOULD know what to do.)

I decided on a lemon-dill sauce. With no oven, I sauteed the fillets in the sauce on a medium-high heat, quickly realizing that the heat was too much. I knocked it down a bit and and threw a lid on.

While this was going on, I made a garlic risotto - laughing the whole time because we were watching the debut episode of "Hell's Kitchen" and I was imagining Gordon Ramsay walking into my kitchen, calling me a cow after he tasted my dish and yelling at my husband & cats to "shut it all down!"

I also steamed a bit of broccoli to round out the dish.

It turned out really good. I have no idea if you're supposed to pair Red Snapper with a lemon-dill sauce, but it was delicious. I wish I would have taken better pictures, but I really thought the whole thing was going to be a disaster. I'm so glad I was wrong.


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