I Love George Foreman

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yeah, I said it.  I love George Foreman.

Not only do we have a "One Butt Kitchen," but we also live in a tiny apartment with no room to speak of outside for a grill.  Back in my single days, I had a little Foreman Grill that was big enough to cook a chicken breast.  After I got married, I decided it was time to upgrade:


So the hubby had a colossally bad day yesterday.  We were both too tired to cook (we had Kraft Mac n Cheese *cough cough*).  I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up a meal I thought he'd love.  Wandering around, I found London Broil on sale.  SOLD!  Then, I picked up a can of Bush's Baked Beans - Bourbon & Brown Sugar.  Finally, I thought some crescent rolls would finish it up.

What we've learned about cooking on the George Foreman grill is to NOT FUSS with the meat!  Don't open the grill, don't cut the meat open to check on it and certainly don't flip it.  Just follow the instructions/guidelines and leave it at that.  Hubby and I are from Nebraska...we have the same taste in steak - medium rare.  Mission accomplished!


It was so yummy.  We almost fooled ourselves into thinking we grilled the meat for real!

There was enough left over for steak & eggs this weekend.



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