A little San Francisco Trip

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The hubby and I took a really quick, overnight trip to San Francisco this weekend.  Much fun ensued.  I think one of the best parts of it (aside from the food) was meeting a couple very similar to us in personality - who had a boat docked at Pier 39, which they were very proud of.  We ended up on their boat, drinking Coors Light and listening to classic rock.  It was a really fun, laid-back time.

We started the day out at Sushi Rock in Chinatown.  It always cracks me up to eat sushi in Chinatown, but this restaurant never fails to impress.  Saba (mackerel) is the BEST there!

San Francisco - 2011 019

Next on our agenda was the Uncorked! wine festival in Ghirardelli Square.  Thanks to Groupon (and my coworker who pointed it out to me) we got a buy one/get one ticket!

Ghirardelli Square

Crowds lined up to taste - it was insane, but very well organized...each one of those tents at at least two wineries, if not three or four sharing their wares:

San Francisco - 2011 026

After we had our fill of wine, we headed down Fisherman's Wharf...along the way, we stopped to have a sketch of ourselves done. The artist did an AMAZING job.

San Francisco - 2011 034

After our adventure was done for the day, we collapsed in our hotel room. I took a bubble bath while the hubby started to go to sleep.  Hungry, I decided to order room service, and I'm glad I did.  Several different kinds of cheese (one drizzled with honey), bread, crackers, candied walnuts, sprouts and grapes - and a desperately needed water.  I couldn't stop munching!

San Francisco - 2011 049

On to breakfast this morning. One of my favorite places to have the first meal of the day in San Francisco?? Sears Fine Food...if you see a line out the door and up the street, don't worry...we've only ever had to wait no more than 15 minutes to get a table. And I don't care what else looks good on the menu, make sure to get the pancakes! We had pancakes, a side of bacon and the hubby had a side of eggs:

San Francisco - 2011 050

I can never go to San Francisco and not pay a visit to:

San Francisco - 2011 052

Today we found the newly expanded Haight Street Market.  Wow.  The produce here was amazing.  I read that they've recently expanded to compete with Whole Foods.  Good job, guys.  I wish I could go here all the time.  I got artichokes, butternut squash and papaya & tomatoes to make salsa:

San Francisco - 2011 077

I am sunburned, blistered and exhausted. It feels like we were gone a week and it was only one night!  But it was fun...and the food was worth it.  (Especially the rosemary infused olive oil we bought, but I'll talk about that later....)  


Chris's Gourmet Fashion said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. You've got a really interesting site here. Don't you just love San Francisco ... hanging around Fisherman's Warf, the clam chowder. Wasn't that just a stroke of luck to meet some new friends and spend some time on the water.

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