How I Almost Screwed Up an Easy Dinner

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So, I keep a few things on hand for when the hubby and I aren't in the mood to cook - you know, quick and easy stuff.  One of my favorite things to keep on hand is pretty much anything made by Zatarain's.  This week I had their Dirty Rice on hand, but realized I had no meat.  When the hubby texted me tonight asking me if there was anything he could pick up at the store, I told him to pick up a Hillshire Smoked Sausage.  What was I thinking?  Dirty rice isn't made with smoked sausage, is it?  I guess it is if I make it, so here we go...

Starting out, we have the two main ingredients:


First, I sliced up the sausage fairly thin:


Next up, I fried quickly in a fry pan because I love when it gets crispy:


Mix up the Zatarain's according to the directions on the box, add your meat and bring to a boil:


Throw a lid on it, simmer for 25 minutes - and voila! My weird version of dirty rice...(it was actually pretty tasty)



Suburban Princess said...

Looks yummy! How did you almost screw it up?

One-Butt-Kitchen said...

It's my understanding that Dirty Rice should be done with crumbled ground beef or ground sausage (or a combo of both). Prolly should have saved the sausage for Red Beans & Rice. ;)

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