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Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so excited.

This weekend I set out to make Beef Bourguignon...maybe not Julia Child's exact recipe, but one that was pretty close.  I've never owned a Dutch Oven and, while I've always wanted one, I've just been to "cheap" to jump in.  I figured I'd cook the Beef Bourguignon in one of my heavy pots.

Well...the hubby and I made an impromptu trip to Cost Plus World Market on Easter Sunday (one of the only stores open) and guess what I found?  Ta-da!  $59.99 and I love the color!

Before I started cooking, I dug out my DVD of "Julie & Julia" and popped it in.  I swear, the only thing I was missing was a strand of pearls.

This was such a fun recipe to cook - and it made our apartment smell absolutely heavenly.  The recipe called for either a "good red wine" or a Burgundy.  Couldn't find a Burgundy, so I used 7 Deadly Zins.  Mmmmmmmm.

A bunch of cooking and 3 hours later - out came the Beef Bourguignon!

I was a bit mortified at what my new Dutch Oven looked like about now.  However, I couldn't believe how easy it cleaned up after.  Still looks brand new.

I opted to serve the Beef Bourguignon over homemade mashed potatoes...hubby wants to try egg noodles next time.

Oh, and my other new treat for the kitchen.  NEW PLATES!  Got us some simple, square white plates (inspired by mom).

Beef, mushrooms, pearl onions, baby carrots in a sinful red wine sauce.  I think I'm definitely making this one again.  (And now I'm on the hunt for more amazing recipes using Dutch Ovens... Please leave your suggestions in the comments.)

Bon Appetit!

PS: Is this not one of the best pictures of Julia and her hubby?


Suburban Princess said...

I cant help but think of her looking like Meryl!
I have never had this dish but I do make a lot of coq au vin in the winter :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen:
I made the Orange Chicken last night and it was wonderful. Evie couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. Also, we loved it with rice.

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