Another New Cookbook (and a mini-rant)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I received another new cookbook today! (This is a habit I could really get used to.) This book looks awesome. I assumed it was going to be recipes tailored for weddings & showers, but I quickly realized that the recipes are tailored to 2 people (some serving 3-4).  I do have a very busy week ahead, but hopefully this weekend I'll be able to tackle a few of them.  The reviews on Amazon are amazing.

Check it out here: The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook

I love Facebook.  Those of you who know me, know this, and some of you may think I love it a little too much. Meh.  It's given me connections to old classmates, friends I've long since lost touch with, former coworkers and I've gotten closer with people I never would have guessed I had anything in common with (like a cheerleader from high school or a friend of my ex-husband).

As much as I love Facebook, I do have a few issues.

1) People, none of those "whose stalking my profile" programs are EVER going to work.  EVER.  Facebook is not set up to do things like that and when you click on those links, all you're ever doing is spreading a harmless virus.

2) No, that student didn't do anything you wouldn't believe.  Neither did Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan or Justin Bieber.  Stop clicking on those videos.  You will never see what you've been promised and guess what?  You just spread more harmless viruses all over.

Numbers 1 & 2 have made my news feed so full of "crap" that it's hard to find actual status messages.

3) And finally - and this one may get me in trouble.  So be it.  I'm all for cleaning up your friends list once in awhile. Heck, sometimes I feel the need to let go of people who have pretty much gone away or seemingly lost interest in Facebook.  What I get tired of is people announcing it.  "I'll be deleting people tomorrow, so let me know if you want me to keep you!"  Or, "I'm deleting people so if you can see this tomorrow, you're one of the lucky ones!"  Just stop.  It's rude.  Send a private message saying, "Hey, haven't heard from you in awhile.  Sure hope all is well!"  Maybe something happened and your "friend" just hasn't been able to devote the time to Facebook.  Turning it into a popularity contest isn't the way to go, in my opinion.

And this is all just my opinion.  I could just blame it all on the cat:


Suburban Princess said...

I kind of agree....but then saying you are going to clean up your list does draw people out to find out if they are even reading your posts. People can hide everything from someone on their list without telling them, so it's a good way to find out who is really following.

One-Butt-Kitchen said...

I can see your point, but I guess I would be more accepting if I got a friendly notice that someone was cleaning things up rather than telling me I was lucky I made the cut.

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