I get to go to Lodi on Sunday!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yeah - you heard me.  I get to go to Lodi on Sunday!  It's not that I HAVE to, it's that I GET to!  Why am I looking forward to it?

We have to rewind to February 8th of this year.  I was finishing up lunch in my cubicle and logged into Facebook.  One of my most favorite restaurants (and places on the planet), The L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen,  posted on their Wall that they were going to have a trivia contest.  The person to answer correctly first would win two tickets to the Lodi Wine & Chocolate Weekend.  First of all, I love trivia.  Second, the hubby and I had zero plans for Valentine's Day and it was only six days away.

The L Wine Lounge said the question would be posted in ten minutes.  Having dual monitors at work, I had one set on Google and the other on the L's Facebook fan page, which I refreshed every few seconds.  I had my guns blazing and seriously wanted to win.  Then came the question.

When is Keenan Cahill's birthday?

Keenan Cahill??  I typed his name into Google and added "birthday" behind it.  Google presented me with 03/20/1995 which I quickly typed in.  Someone else had the same answer and was a split-second behind me.  Then, I sat and waited...

....and waited.

........and waited.

After what seemed like an eternity (in reality, it was 20 minutes), I got word that I won! Yahoo!

The hubby and I got to spend a day on Valentine's weekend wine tasting.  Hubby opted to be the designated driver so I could just kick back and enjoy myself.  We had so much fun!  I think we ended up going to six wineries total.  Every winery had some sort of food that was centered around chocolate.  Oh, it was heaven.

The last winery we went to was a combination of a winery and restaurant.  It's called, "The Dancing Fox" and not only do they have a winery, but also a bakery and restaurant.  I had the best time tasting there and even got convinced to join their wine club.  Their wine is fruity and fun. I opted for the option to pick up my wine rather than having it shipped because the cost was a lot less and with Lodi only being about 45 minutes away, I thought it would be fun to take an afternoon drive every few months.

Look at their tasting room!  It's so pretty...and everything there is whimsical.  The wine has amazing labels - fairies, foxes...it's just the best.

This Sunday, I get to pick up my first two bottles and the hubby and I plan on having brunch while we're there.  If their hospitality during the wine tasting is any indication, we are going to have a blast.

I have never given Lodi much of a thought, thinking it was kind of a tiny town with not much to offer. Boy, I was wrong.  This picture I took shows how much I'm looking forward to going back (click on the pic for a better view).

Oh, and just in case you still don't know who Keenan Cahill is, Google his name. You'll be touched.

Let me present this fun, talented guy (and thanks to Keenan....and the L Wine Lounge...for being responsible for a great Valentine's Day weekend)!:


Karen said...

What a great win!

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