No Lemonade For You!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remember the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld? Right now I feel like there's a cosmic "Lemonade Nazi."  

I've decided the universe will not let me have lemonade.  After the great lemonade disaster two days ago, I decided on my lunch break yesterday to run to McDonald's for a grilled chicken sandwich and a lemonade.  I literally spent 10 minutes sitting at the drive-thru window wondering if I'd ever get my sandwich. Once I finally got it, I realized I hadn't been handed my lemonade.  When I asked for it, I was told, "That's broken.  What else do you want?"  *heavy sigh*  Two days of just wanting some lemonade with my lunch and I just couldn't pull it off. (My coworker told me to just quit trying.)

Crappy day?  Well then, make a good dinner.  I researched a few recipes and put a couple together into one yummy dish for us tonight.  

Started with pork tenderloin, cut up in 1/2 inch medallions: 

After that, I chopped up some garlic:

Sauteed it in some olive oil (I do think it's funny the garlic in both pictures almost ended up in an identical pile):

We tossed in the pork medallions and sauteed them with the garlic.  Added some great Asian sauce with chicken broth and let it all simmer until the pork was cooked through.  At the same time, we boiled some rice noodles with fresh green beans.  Once those were done and drained, we added shredded carrots.  Took the noodles, beans and carrots and put them in a deep mixing bowl.  Then we took the pork and all of its sauce and poured it into the bowl...resulting in:

Filling, yummy and oh, so good.  I like the fact I didn't have to add any "outside" seasonings, like salt or pepper.  This seasoned itself so well with the ingredients added.  

I am soooo not purposefully plugging this cookbook, but I swear you will not regret buying it.  


Andi said...

I'm sooooo going to love this blog. I am always so interested in new things to try and we seem to have similar tastes. Plus I love you and I so excited to hear about your life in detail. I've missed you, friend! I'm going to have to recommend your blog to my other foodie friend.

One-Butt-Kitchen said...

Awwwww - thanks, Andi! I've missed you too and am so glad we "found" each other again! :)

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