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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well, here we go. I'm doing the "blog thing" again...

I got started blogging many years ago when a coworker showed me a website called "My Dear Diary." I met fantastic people. I had a great time. I built friendships with people I've never met in person and we still are connected to this day. But, we outgrew that site and moved on. We ended up on Xanga. Then came the days of Myspace and eventually, Facebook. I know that I, for one, lost interest in writing and became consumed with the "instant gratification" of Facebook.

So, not terribly long ago, I created a photo album on Facebook called, "FOOD!" I began posting pictures of particularly yummy looking dishes I ordered in restaurants. I also began documenting different recipes I made out of my kitchen.

Oh, my kitchen. Tiny at best. I don't even have a full-sized stove/oven. It's a gas range, but the gas can go from super low to beyond high with little adjusting in between. I have no dishwasher (unless I count my hubby), no garbage disposal and very little counter space. And yet, I can concoct a full on Thanksgiving dinner. We bake bread, cook dinners almost nightly and manage to have lots of fun.

Now, why this blog? Well, as I mentioned I'd been posting food pictures on Facebook. Several people have commented on how weird it is (well, at least to them) but others (yes, they're mainly family) have such fun with it. Secondly, I was sitting at the DMV the other day tweeting about my experience and one of my dear friends, The Suburban Princess, commented that I needed a blog. That certainly got the wheels turning. And then...I watched "Julie & Julia" today and that just did it. I knew I wanted to blog and I knew about what.

So here we are.

And here's tonight's dinner. Homemade coleslaw made with organic cabbage and carrots from my CSA (more to come about that later) with Johnsonville brats. I normally prefer more authentic brats, but these were crazy on sale, so I couldn't pass them up.

Major disclaimer: I am nowhere near trying to be a professional photographer, but just try my best. :)


Suburban Princess said...

Looks awesome! I am glad you have come back to the dark side :O) I have a fun recipe going up on my blog tomorrow!

Amy Sanderhoff said...

Hey, cuz, now I feel like I need to get back to my very short-lied, but satisfying blog/vlog. Thanks for spreading the inspiration.

Anyway,thought I'd toss in my two cents on brats and coleslaw. Usinger brats are delish! Give them a try. And, I make a mean coleslaw with apple cider vinegar and just a little red wine vinegar instead of mayo. So so good! Not dissing your dish at all. Just trading info.

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